Welcome to the United Metaphysical Churches!

The United Metaphysical Churches is an association which provides an education program for metaphysical students who desire to become ministers. It furthers and promulgates the concepts of Divine Metaphysics, issues charters for study groups and churches, ordains and issues certification for spiritual healers and mediums. The United Metaphysical Churches is a nationwide organization which is listed in the Cumulative List of Organizations described in Section 170© of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as a central organization holding a group exemption letter.

Anyone seeking a spiritual pathway, a better way of life, and a desire for inner peace is invited to join us at UMC! We are a non-judgmental place of love where all people can feel safe exploring their spirituality. We support the spiritual growth and development of everyone and respect all religious and spiritual traditions. We provide ministry and education for all members, friends and the community at large through our example and through our services based on the principles and teachings of Divine Metaphysics. We are an Association  that is based in Metaphysical philosophy, utilizing the various inspired truths from many religions and doctrines. We use a variety of music that ranges from traditional, classical to contemporary. Our aim is the glorification of God through worship and service. Our purpose is to teach and practice the science, philosophy and religion of Divine Metaphysics as a serene way of life.

Virtual tour of UMC

Come and experience our 21 acres of beautiful lawns, trees and gardens as well as a beautiful chapel, library, bookstore, cafeteria and class rooms.  To view some selected.. Click picture.

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UMC Philosophy

The Metaphysical Church does not accept the Bible as the infallible word of God, but as an inspired collection of stories based on the spiritual laws of the Universe seeking.. Click picture.

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Calendar of Events 2018

Many special events have been planned for the coming months: The new year begins with the Joseph Lee Weekend.  Watch the Calendar Section for up-comming programs. Click picture.

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