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Metaphysical Fellowship

September 14, 15, & 16, 2018


The Facilitators

Rev. Reed Brown is the retired Founder &  Pastor of the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel in Arlington, Virginia and has been President of the United Metaphysical Churches for 40 years.

Rev. Sally Knuckles is an ordained Minister and Pastor and Board Chairman of The NoVa Metaphysical Fellowship in Arlington, Va.  She is also on the Board of Directors at The United Metaphysical Churches as well as serves at the UMC’s National Headquarters in Roanoke Va. as a Medium, lecturer, and Past Life Regression Facilitator.

Bill Sanda has been a spiritual seeker for more than three decades and has studied with some of the most respected spiritual masters of our time. His gift for bringing the healing energies of the Akashic Records to others was revealed to him years ago and now he offers this service to people as his gift back to the world. An Akashic Clearing can heal on many levels: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Bill is honored to be granted the ability to share this kind of power with others.

Healing Through Your Akashic Records with Bill Sanda

Private Readings with Bill Sanda = Donation $100

What if you could access the lessons of the past – including the distant past of cellular memories and previous lives?  Imagine how accessing this energy could change your life:  you could resolve recurring patterns and issues; heal long-standing challenges, and even empower future growth!

You can access healing energies through your Akashic Records. The mysterious Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey.  These Records are non-physical often described as a supra-library, a “universal supercomputer” and even the “Mind of God.”  The information found in the Akashic Records is completely available everywhere, to all beings.  In this dynamic, flowing energy field of the universe, every thought, word, and action that occurs in your life is recorded . . . and those records are available to guide you through your present challenges.

Through your Akashic Records, the experiences of your past lives can help you gain new perspectives, achieve healing in your present consciousness, and connect with your eternal Divine Self.  Bill’s unique gift for clearly accessing the healing capacity available from your Akashic Records, and his compassion and clarity are a positive force for anyone who seeks healing.

The Akashic Record healing session itself takes approximately an hour. The sessions are paced to provide plenty of time to share all pertinent clearing/healing given to you from the Records, and to answer your questions.

To get the utmost value out of the clearing, prepare yourself by setting an intention for the journey. Prepare specific questions that reflect your concerns about issues in your life. Explore finding the questions in your health, relationships, family interactions, business or career. Avoid asking for predictions; instead, look for questions that start with how what or why. At the start of the session, please be prepared to provide your current full legal name, including your middle name. The Records are accessed through your name as presently found on your driver’s license or other legal identification.

The private reading will start with a short, silent meditation to allow you to get centered and grounded. Bill will say a specific prayer, part of which is spoken and part of which is in silence. The session will begin at this point. Sessions are recorded for you.

Program Schedule

FRIDAY September 14TH
3 pm ~ check in

6 pm ~ Dinner

7:30 All Message Service

SATURDAY September 15TH

8 am Breakfast

9 am Workshop  “Mindful Meditation for Personal Power”  F. Reed Brown   In this class you will be instructed in the use of each Chakra, from the Root to the Crown with its corresponding color, &  mantra to receive maximum benefits and results. This class will be conducted in the Chapel with the use of the mighty Rogers Organ.

10:30 am  “Intro to the Akashic Record”   Bill Sanda

Noon ~ Lunch
1 pm Workshop “Mediumship, Joy Guides and Using the Soul’s Information”

Rev. Sally Knuckles   How to develop your relationship with your Joy Guide and how this guide can be of service to you…. And in that relationship and service how we can use soul information to help ourselves as well as others in understanding who we are, what is our purpose and why we do the things we do.

2:30  Akashic Record Reading Group Experience  Bill Sanda During a group session, Bill will have a conversation with you exploring the healing and clearing power of the Akashic Records.  Bill will then offer 15 minute mini-healing sessions for those in attendance and close with a group healing. They are very powerful with the addition of the group energy.

6 pm  Dinner

7:30  Trance Circle  with Dr. James M. Peebles, spirit guide of ~ F. Reed Brown

SUNDAY September 16TH

9 am  Discussion  Rev. Sally Knuckles

11:00 Church Service

Noon  Lunch

1:00  “Meeting Your Guides & Teachers in Trance”  Group experience in a hypnotic state ascending to the higher realms to meet with your Guides and Teachers.  While you are in this light trance state, you may ask them questions in your mind’s voice and receive information from them.  You may learn much about yourself and your journey in this incarnation.

Private Readings may be booked throughout the time attending.

Directions to the United Metaphysical Churches

UMC is located at 1488 Peters Creek Road, NW, Roanoke, Virginia, at the intersection of Hershberger Road (to the east), Peters Creek Road, and Peachtree Drive (to the west).

1. From Interstate 81 take the US 581 exit South (exit 143).
2. Take the first exit off of US 581, Peters Creek Road, South. Turn right on Peters Creek Road at the end of the exit ramp.
3. Turn right at the fourth traffic light (Hershberger to the left and Peachtree to the right).
4. Immediately bear left into the United Metaphysical Churches driveway.

If you are coming from Melrose Avenue or Salem, turn north on Peters Creek Road. At the first light (Hershberger to the right, Peachtree to the left), turn left and bear left into the UMC driveway. Upon arrival check in at the office.

Airport Arrivals

The Roanoke Municipal Airport (code ROA) is less than 10 minutes away from UMC. If you are flying to Roanoke and need ground transportation, call the UMC office at (540) 562-4889 and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Let them know the date, arrival time, and airline you will be using. If you also need ground transportation to the airport upon your departure, please let the office secretary know your travel details—date, time, airline.

NEW Train service to Roanoke!

Passenger train service returned to the region on October 31 with a daily Amtrak train that departs and arrives in Downtown Roanoke. The new stop in Virginia’s Blue Ridge is part of Amtrak’s Northeast Regional Route, making the region easy to reach from destinations like Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.

It takes approximately five hours to make the trip to Virginia’s Blue Ridge from Union Station in the nation’s capital!

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