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Greetings all!!

At the October Convention for the United Metaphysical Churches I was elected the new National Board President.  I have served this Board in various capacities since 1989.  What drew me to UMC and has been the wind beneath my wings all these years is our beautiful philosophy.  I love how it empowers people to begin their own personal search for their spiritual gifts, their connection to the spark of the Divine that resides within them and how, when they align with Divine Mind, they become co-creators of their visible reality in this lifetime.

We have UMC churches all around the eastern United States, which offer Metaphysical Interpretation of Scripture using the Lamsa translation of the Bible.  By helping our congregations learn to “peel the onion,” or look for the hidden wisdom in the Bible, they can begin to see it is a road map for our own path to enlightenment.  This way of learning about the Bible hands people back their personal power to change their lives for the better!

Our Seminary offers lots of different certifications for Ordained Ministers, Certificates of Metaphysical Studies for those drawn to teaching, Certified Mediums and Certified Spiritual Healers.  Students get lots of one on one time with Teachers; they learn to be the ones who hold the light for others who come to our churches to begin their spiritual journeys.

I am very excited for the future of our Organization and our members!  I see great things on our horizon as we continue to grow and serve our churches and the public at large.  On our campus, we hold many wonderful weekends with experienced workshop leaders.  There are opportunities to learn and unfold one’s gifts in so many different settings!

So, join me, will you?  Be a part of the future of our Organization and its mission to teach our future Lightbearers after they themselves have been taught.  Visit one of our churches, talk with our graduates and listen to our teachers.  You will be inspired to get busy with your own spiritual seeking!  Your next family of like minded souls can hardly wait to meet you!

Blessings always!

Laura H. MacLachlan

United metaphysical Churches

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