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“Live Your Truth” 

As the Master Alchemist
Two-Day Workshop 

CINDY CARTER, Facilitator

$349 includes 2 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches, 2 dinners, two nights lodging (double occupancy, dormitory bathrooms) intensive workshop with Cindy Carter! 

There is an opportunity made in sacred space to transform your life in this two-day workshop.  

We will explore who we are as a multi-dimensional being. We will look into the Compassion that is needed to accelerate a life into harmony, peace, and joy.  Being compassionate with yourself and learning your truth, will allow you to transform your life. 

When we release the perceptions of life – into alignment with our higher self and our universal source – our lives can become anew, more present, more stable. 

We will learn why Compassion is related to the essence of Copper and why it is essential for the spirit to be activated within us. Copper within the electrical body is the missing link to ground the entire body system.  Imagine no triggers.

We will see how our hearts are a sacred technology that has been hidden from us – like there is a missing link to being and feeling wholeness here on earth, and this missing link I will share with you in depth.

You have the ever-presence of god source inside each cell of your being, we will explore how that looks for you in your life.

I woke one day with science and geometry that showed me how the cell takes in information and how it takes off information. We will explore cellular proliferation and the aspects of trauma that hold us back and how to release this information off the cell so that we are not triggered in our emotional, mental or physical bodies. We will learn the sources of trauma and energy depletion for the cell and how you can come to a new perspective about it… 

We will learn through symbology and heralding how to change a repetitive life pattern, a situation, an energy force, bringing the seven bodies into alignment, by being and living your truth. 

We are all looking for harmony and peace within our bodies, minds and our life.

Walk away from this two day sharing with a new understanding of your life and how you may now see choices before you that you did not see before.

I look forward to exploring all the wisdom, the knowledge, the cosmic and earthly truths that you all share.



I woke up in 2007 on my birthday, April 1 (yes April Fools day) .. totally different. I did not recognize my life, the health, marriage, financial issues; the manipulation and control issues were GONE!

I  had a new vision, new sight, new feelings – a completely new life. I WAS HEALED!

I woke with information I had never heard before, I had flames

shooting out of my hands. Me, a non-religious, non-spiritual overachiever mom,

entrepreneur, philanthropist, was now gifted a new life.

The angels conspired with my higher self to resurrect the spirit living in this body.

Solene came alive that day.

Some humans call this a walk in. Some humans call this a soul transfer.  I call it “WAKING UP TO MY TRUTH !”  I AM  an UPLIFTER of healers.  I AM a cheerleader for all those that uplift humanity!  I support and love all the uplifters!

I started bringing information from a collective consciousness I called THE ANCIENT ONE, a blend of earthly wisdom and cosmic field consciousness.   In 2011, I started the blog, “Solene, The Ancient One.”

I learned how to understand the codes given to me. They were strong messages that required no editing, no thought, nothing but sitting and listening to the words come.  Then the messages started becoming more refined, more rarefied, they became poetic, flowing utterances of accelerated truths.  I then was gifted the understanding of cellular proliferation vs cellular mitosis.

This information is how to ascend IN THE BODY. I was being guided and taught and supported by my highest aspect, my soul partner, the Divine within me. All “Beings” that came to assist were confirming what I already knew.

SuperConsciousness is possible for all humans.  

I have chosen service to humanity as my mantra.  I AM a sovereign on the earth wishing abundance, beauty, and peace for ALL!

Directions to the United Metaphysical Churches

UMC is located at 1488 Peters Creek Road, NW, Roanoke, Virginia, at the intersection of Hershberger Road (to the east), Peters Creek Road, and Peachtree Drive (to the west).

1. From Interstate 81 take the US 581 exit South (exit 143).
2. Take the first exit off of US 581, Peters Creek Road, South. Turn right on Peters Creek Road at the end of the exit ramp.
3. Turn right at the fourth traffic light (Hershberger to the left and Peachtree to the right).
4. Immediately bear left into the United Metaphysical Churches driveway.

If you are coming from Melrose Avenue or Salem, turn north on Peters Creek Road. At the first light (Hershberger to the right, Peachtree to the left), turn left and bear left into the UMC driveway. Upon arrival check in at the office.

Airport Arrivals

The Roanoke Municipal Airport (code ROA) is less than 10 minutes away from UMC. If you are flying to Roanoke and need ground transportation, call the UMC office at (540) 562-4889 and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Let them know the date, arrival time, and airline you will be using. If you also need ground transportation to the airport upon your departure, please let the office secretary know your travel details—date, time, airline.

NEW Train service to Roanoke!

Passenger train service returned to the region on October 31 with a daily Amtrak train that departs and arrives in Downtown Roanoke. The new stop in Virginia’s Blue Ridge is part of Amtrak’s Northeast Regional Route, making the region easy to reach from destinations like Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.

It takes approximately five hours to make the trip to Virginia’s Blue Ridge from Union Station in the nation’s capital!

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