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From Pain to Promise – Reclaim Your Birthright to Happiness

Have you ever wondered why you’re experiencing so much pain in your life over and over again? It’s as if you were stuck in a bad dream and can’t seem to wake up to the life you were supposed to be living. Discovering who you really are, what your purpose is and how vast your potential truly is brings meaning and direction to your life. But when you also discover what has caused the spiritual darkness we live in, then you have found the secret to not only turning your life around but also to changing the trajectory of our planet. Launch your journey now and register for this enlightening workshop.

Presenters: Marina S. Haber, Jeannette Sullivan Ph.D., Rev. Sally Knuckles

DONATION: $395 Includes 2 Suppers; 2 Breakfasts; 2 Lunches; 2 nights lodging (double occupancy, dormitory baths)  + 6 Workshops (Does not include Private Sessions)



3:00 PM Check-In

6:00 PM Dinner
7:30 PM-9:00 PM “Back to The Cause”
– Group Regression (Rev. Sally Knuckles)
Details of every event, thought or emotion you’ve ever experienced in your current and your past lifetimes – and the time between lifetimes – are stored in your subconscious mind and are available to you! As eternal souls, we know that we have experienced many lives on Earth and in other realms as a means of learning the lessons we have set out for ourselves…You will see, sense, and/or feel this event in a hypnotic state {light trance} and will go to the event that is instrumental or “the cause” in your movement forward and in your journey at the present
time. What is constraining you? What serves you? What causes your pain? And most importantly, what can you do about it? Upon completion of this session, you will write about your experience and Rev. Sally will link your experience to your karmic journey. Then,
“The 4 R’s to Joy-Return-Review-Release-Replace” – Ms. Haber and Dr. Sullivan will guide you to analyze that pivotal event you just returned to in your past life regression; review it and identify its significance on your present life experience; release trauma and fear to replace with positive visions, intentions and enlightened consciousness ending the struggle within. Your path to joy begins when you let go of what is holding you back to embrace your purpose-filled future.

8:00 AM 8:45 AM Breakfast

9:00 AM -10:30 AM Be Your Own Joy Guide”: (Jeannette Sullivan)
Explore the concepts and the actual hands-on experience of happiness and well-being, for which there are six parts. Each part has strategies for obtaining positive emotions, engagement, accomplishment, and meaning. You can be lastingly happier while helping others be happier too.

10:30 AM -12 Noon Unveil the Secret to Collective Conscious Creation” (Marina S. Haber) Collective thought power has manifested the physical creation of Earth through the manipulation of positive and negative energies. How does that affect you? Is it causing the pain experienced individually and collectively? Clarifying ‘what has been’ brings a deeper understanding of ‘what is’ and why our lives are the way they are. Learn how to influence ‘what will be’– your promise.

Noon – 12:45 PM Lunch Break

1 PM -2:30 PM Unveil the Secret to Individual Conscious Creation” (Marina S. Haber) Every thought creates and manifests into physicality. Self-transformation begins by changing thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions. Learn techniques and practices to reach your purpose-driven future with certainty, trusting the process and allowing the Universe to guide you.

2:30 PM -4:00 PM How Your Personality Type Affects Happiness” (Jeannette Sullivan) Can you tell another what your personality is? We will learn how to identify your Myers Briggs Type and use insights from Jungian Typology to assist you in living a happy life. In order to flourish in mind, body, and spirit, know yourself, and how to achieve your heart’s desires.

4:00 PM-5:30 PM Guided Meditation;

6:00 PM – 7:15 PM Dinner Break

7:30 PM -9:00 PM “Your Soul’s GPS” (Marina S. Haber & Jeannette Sullivan)

Your Soul’s GPS – Life as a Design Challenge: Engage in a collaborative activity that is illustrative of the manner in which we navigate life’s challenges and ultimately embark on the soul’s journey. How intuitive are you? Learn a measurement that differentiates your practical mind from your higher, intuitive self.


8 AM Breakfast

11 AM Worship Service –Rev. Sally Knuckles, Marina S. Haber & Dr. Jeannette Sullivan 12 PM – 1 PM Lunch and Check Out

From Pain to Promise – Reclaim Your Birthright to Happiness


Marina S. Haber is an author, personal growth and self-empowerment coach and motivational speaker. She has reinvented herself from being a successful businesswoman in NJ to dedicating her life to the greater good for all. She has written the book, Dream A Better Dream, and created the online program, Your GPS to Success, as an antidote to the current negative mindset and as a call to action to creating a better future both individually and collectively. Private Coaching Session: 30 mins – $100.00. Call UMC Office for an appointment.

Jeannette Sullivan, Ph.D. is an award-winning professor and has been coaching, training and facilitating groups for over 15 years. She conducts research on human resilience, psychological type, happiness and student success at national and international conferences incl. the Assn. for Psychological Type Intl. (APTI), the Intl. Positive Psychology Assn. (IPPA) in Montreal, Canada, the Assn. of Florida Colleges (AFC), The Center for Jungian Studies of S. Florida, and the Intl. Positive Education Network in Fort Worth, Texas.

Private Coaching Session: 30 mins – $100.00. Call UMC Office for an appointment.

Rev. Sally Knuckles, CHT {trained by Dick Sutphen}, Past Life Therapist, Hypnosis for Behavior Modification, Medium/Clairvoyant, Spiritual Coach, and Metaphysical Counselor. She is an ordained Metaphysical Minister, known for her work in Universal Laws and Quantum Metaphysics. She organized Study Groups in W. Virginia, The OBX of NC, served as Pastor of the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel and the N. Virginia Metaphysical Fellowship in Arlington Va. And is on the United Metaphysical Church’s Board of Directors.

Private Past Life Regression Session: 1.5 hours – $175.00. Call UMC Office for an appointment.

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