Carol Eddinger

Carol was born and reared in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania into the interior design and custom furniture business. Both of Carol’s parents were a profound influence in her later life.

Although brought up in the Catholic faith, her father, a 32Degree Freemason and member of the Scottish Rite Bodies, Valley of Harrisburg was a great influence on Carol’s beliefs and later introduction into metaphysics.

Carol’s mother gave her the inspiration and the basic knowledge for her future interior design career.

Carol worked in the Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. areas in the interior design and furniture professions for over 35 years. Carol holds a certificate of design from the New York School of Interior Design and has attended other colleges for various design courses including Marymount University, in Arlington, Virginia while studying for professional membership to the American Society of Interior Designers (A.S.I.D.). She was an Allied member of A.S.I. D. While in college Carol wrote a speech on “As a Man Thinketh,” by James Allen. This was the beginning of her searc.h for a more fulfilling life. This was followed by the book by Norman Vincent Peale, “The Art of Living Now.”

Finally, in early November of 1982, Carol was guided to find Arlington Metaphysical Chapel on Wilson Blvd. in Arlington after walking in Bon-Air park asking for spiritual direction as all seemed lost for her at that time. On Sunday, Nov. 14, 1982, she attended the service at AMC and heard her first sermon by Rev. Brown. She was drawn to metaphysics and became a member of AMC in 1983.

After the service on that same day in November in 1982, Carol went to the bookstore at AMC and found her first Joel S. Goldsmith book, “The Infinite Way,” Since that time, she has been a student of the Infinite Way and its principles for spiritual living that have become a part of her daily living.

Rev. Brown became and continues to be a major force in Carol’s life as well as a Masonic brother and friend to her husband John now in spirit. John also became a member of AMC after John and Carol’s meeting in 1985 and marriage in 1986. After Carol’s husband and son passed within 3 weeks of one another in the Spring of 2009, Carol turned once again to Rev. Brown for solace and guidance. He told her it was time to give back what she had learned over the years of the Goldsmith works and it was then that she became part of the Educational Dept. of AMC, facilitating the Adult Study once a month and giving the Goldsmith classes on the same Sunday at AMC. Facilitating the adult study at AMC is continuing as my other work schedule permits. Carol also served on the AMC Board of Trustees.

A spiritual opportunity and a sacred trust to serve on the UMC Board have been given to me and by God’s grace and all of Its angels, I will work to help Rev. Brown and Rev Justin and all other board members in any way necessary to maintain the Light for all who seek.