Greetings from the President of the United Metaphysical Churches!

Greetings to all! They say that as you get older, time passes by more quickly. Honestly, I don’t know how much truth there is to that statement because I don’t know how time could pass more quickly than it has this past year. And here we are again. Another year older, and definitely wiser.

This is our 55th year…more than half a century. Numerologically 55 represents a welcome life change. It’s a sign of transformation, as well as of exciting adventures. 55 tells us to be prepared as major changes will happen. Me must become accustomed to the changes and be open to new experiences and opportunities. 55 urges us to not only be expectant of change, but to also embrace change. There are some people who don’t like change, but it’s important if we want to break from the chains and let go of old ways. Change is important if we want to start over and create new memories. It’s time to let go of the things that belong in the past which are stopping us from going after our destiny.

As you are probably aware, there have been many changes this year as far as the United Metaphysical Churches is concerned. Some you may judge as negative, and some you may judge as positive. But those judgments are simply just labels. The real question we need to be asking is, “What can we learn from this in order for our organization to grow and to flourish?”

Every change or bump in the road that we experience in our lives is urging us to learn and to grow. We only get ourselves into trouble when we don’t listen. Then we have to repeat the lesson over again. But I think the biggest lesson that we can learn is one of empowerment. This comes when we have the realization that life is happening FOR us, and not TO us. This takes us out of the victim consciousness and into the spiritual consciousness of learning, growth, and power.

So I want to personally thank you for continuing to support and be a part of the United Metaphysical Churches. I am very excited for our continued growth and expansion in all areas. Let us all work together as a team to carry forwards Spirit’s message of love, hope, and life, as we also grow along our own spiritual paths as well.

Many Blessings to you all.

Rev. Justin Terry
United metaphysical Churches