Greetings from the National Board of the United Metaphysical Churches!

Let us start with a prayer from Swami Premananda:

“O God, thou Supreme Reality of Transcendental perfection,
Thou art Consciousness-Existence- Bliss Absolute.
Thou art ever one with the souls of all beings and objects.
Thou art the eternal source of wisdom, life, and love.
Seeking the benediction of thy illumination and peace,
We offer our hearts and minds in devotion unto thee.
We search for the light of wisdom to guide us on thy path,
Amidst the trials and sufferings of this plane of existence.
O thou omniscient One, thou givest thy enlightenment,
Unto those who come to Thee in purity of heart and mind.
With the eternal love of our souls, we commend ourselves unto Thee,
To receive Thy blessing of inspiration, hope, faith, guidance,
And the assurance of Thy infinite love, wisdom, and mercy.
O Thou indwelling Self of all,
Keep our consciousness ever illumined by thy perfection, as we journey on the path of life.

Every Sunday morning, I take a different route to church than I normally do during the week. Why do you ask? Well, I do this for the utmost spiritual purposes- there is a Starbucks on the way if I go that route. And as I am on my way to that oasis of espresso, there is always a piece of graffiti that catches my attention. It says, “Trees need water. And humans need hope.”

I think that message applies so much to all of us today. All of us in this country, all of us in this organization, and all of reading this message. In order to create a better future, we have to ask ourselves a few questions in the present. Why are we here? What is our purpose? How are we being guided? Are we listening? These questions transcend the limited human consciousness and bring us into Spiritual Alignment with our Divine Selves. Then can we truly grow and move forward together.

Numerology can help us answer at least some of these questions.
A number’s meaning can be thought of as the number’s basic tone or vibration. As an overview, the numerology number 54 represents a composite energy containing the ideas of:
Humanitarianism, Compassion, Wit, Adventure, Conscientiousness

Thus, the 54 essence contain
the 9’s essence, such as humanitarianism, philanthropy, and idealism,
plus a dose of the 5’s essence, such as curiosity, adventure, and expression of freedom,
plus a dose of the 4’s essence, such as focus, pragmatism, and conscientiousness,

The result is a unique essence.

54 is generous with its time so long as the activity benefits people in some way. When 54’s sense of adventure applies to actions required to help humankind align, much can get done. The number 54 essence needs interaction with others. It’s generous, creative, tolerant, and compassionate.

54 is worldly and sophisticated and has a global consciousness — aware that much needs to be done to help humanity reach a more ideal existence. It’s idealistic and it understands the concept of being pragmatic. Yet, the urge to experience new things sometimes overrides its best intentions.

Imagine the welfare of humanity as your highest priority. Compassion and tolerance are innate, as is idealism. Occasionally, you go off on an adventure, yet are always conscious that things need to be done to get humankind on a better plane.

That’s 54.

So year 54 tells us that we are a part of the shift that is happening to aid and guide humankind to the next spiritual level of consciousness.

Thus I am writing these words to you. I did not expect to be writing these words, but here I am. As we grow and change, we will feel like we hit bumps along the way. Instead of letting those bumps get the best of us and throwing us off track, we should instead be saying thank you. I have a dear friend who recently was riding a motorbike that was hit by another car. His arm was shattered in many places. I was having coffee with him recently and his arm started to hurt. His response? It lets me know I’m still alive. I’ve realized that life doesn’t happen to me. Life happens to me. It lets me know I’m still alive.

We too are still alive, and we too are growing. And I want to personally thank each and every one of you for being a part of that growth; in the past, present, and future. In order to aid you in your growth and mission, we are offering many new classes, weekends, and completely redoing our seminary program this year.

So according to our numerological vibrations surrounding our 54th year, we have a job to do. We have a purpose. We have a mission. One that transcends each of us individually. And I have one last question, will you join me in fulfilling it?

Love Eternally,

Rev. Justin Terry
United metaphysical Churches