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Rev. Donna Fitzgerald

Rev. Donna, a gifted and respected Metaphysical Teacher, Trance Medium, Medium, and Spiritual/Reiki Healer (Reiki Master/Teacher) has been a life-long student of Metaphysics and is a clear channel for those in the world of spirit. Gifts of various forms of mediumship manifested in her life as a child and her earliest recollections of spirit are as a toddler. During those formative years, Donna was gently guided and encouraged by her mother, Doris, who was a very gifted clairvoyant.

Rev. Donna attended Southern Connecticut State College (now a university!) in New Haven, Ct. with a concentration in Liberal Arts. She also lived in Stuttgart, Germany from 1967 until mid 1969.

After years of focused study, inquiry, knowledge gathering and integration of her Spiritual Gifts as tools for everyday life, the message from Donna’s Spirit Guidance became very clear and very consistent early on: knowledge gained is meaningless if not shared and that life is a process of renewal and healing.

To acknowledge the lessons of Spirit and to be true to her soul’s journey she understood she had to portion the joys of personal study and seek validation of her gifts to give confidence to those to whom she was to transfer the knowledge, wisdom and skills from Spirit.

Donna embarked on an intense four year seminary program offered by The Indiana Association of Spiritualists at the Chesterfield Center of Light and was fortunate to study privately with some of the nation’s top mediums and wonderful spiritual healers. Upon completion of the seminary program, Donna was certified as a medium and ordained as a minister by Chesterfield, one of the oldest existing Spiritualist centers in the US. Donna continues to serve the Chesterfield Seminary program as a guest teacher and maintains a warm relationship with mediums/teachers on the grounds and other graduates of the Chesterfield Seminary Program.

Rev. Donna achieved her Reiki Master/Teacher degree in 1998 and also studies various healing modalities. Her healing classes such as Reiki I-III and Vibrational Healing are always highly attended wherever offered.

Always seeking more knowledge, stronger ability, new understanding of the power of spiritual healing, and new teaching methodologies, Rev. Donna travels to spiritual organizations through out the world seeking advanced knowledge and an opportunity to pass on the knowledge she has gained. She has visited and taught in Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, the Caribbean and throughout the US.

Donna consults with clients across the US and abroad and offers development classes, workshops/seminars, consultations and circles. Although based in the Atlanta, Georgia area, Donna travels extensively as a minister, channel, psychic medium, healer, and teacher. The mother of two, Donna is a highly valued and accomplished senior manager and business consultant with over 30 years experience in the technical training and professional services arenas of Corporate America.

Rev. Donna was sanctioned as a Minister, Medium and Healer by the United Metaphysical Churches which she lovingly serves as a member of the Education Department, a staff educator, Newsletter Editor and Secretary of the National Board of Directors. Her energies are dedicated to the Seminary Program, adjunct educational programs and to providing understanding of Divine Metaphysics as a way of life and the pathway to personal spiritual growth.


Rev. F. Reed Brown, President of the United Metaphysical Churches headquartered in Roanoke, VA, an exceptional, well known and highly respected minister and medium, has been a friend and mentor in Divine Metaphysics and mediumship for many years. Rev. Brown, always generous in his support and his transfer of knowledge, has been an important influence. Reverends are educated, but the education doesn’t necessarily make them a good minister. Rev. F. Reed Brown is more than a good minister and Rev. Donna is grateful for his example.

Friendships serve as foundations in our life and the unselfish encouragement, mentoring, friendship and support of so many wonderful people have contributed to wealth of knowledge she has gained from each and every one who has helped open her doors of awareness , compassion and understanding. Gifts received from so many who have passed into the world of spirit but continue to nurture and educate her…with the understanding that knowledge gained disappears if it isn’t shared.


  • Private practice as a spiritual counselor, medium, trance channel, healer and teacher.
  • Delivers weekly and monthly spiritual education classes. These classes cover all areas of personal growth including mediumship, healing, metaphysics and meditation
  • Dedicated to all aspects spiritual growth and conscious integration of spiritual knowledge into daily life.
  • Participant in the brain trust of Lockhart and Associates which is a team focused on creating strategic growth for clients by facilitating changes the new economy requires to achieve success. The brain trust is comprised of founder Rev. Lisa Lockhart, Rev. Christopher Dilts, and Rev. Donna Fitzgerald. The brain trust promotes conscious solutions for performance initiatives in the workplace.
  • Co-founder of Psychic Adventures which provides metaphysical education in an interactive environment focused on helping others engage with the energy of the Universe to release their personal power to create, manifest and unleash a boundless relationship which changes the canvas of individual lives.

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