Animal Blessing Weekend
September 28, 29, 30, 2018

Rev. Reed Brown

A weekend devoted to our animals. Do they THINK…are they PSYCHIC…
Can they communicate with us & Spirit? COME BRING YOUR PETS and experience an amazing and educational weekend!

Program Schedule

Donation $199/ Includes 2 nights lodging; 2 breakfasts; 2 lunches; 2 dinners; 6 workshops.  Does not include private sessions with mediums

Individual Workshops $20


3:00 pm – Check-In
6:00 pm – Dinner
7:30 pm – Workshop: #1 – Healing with Animals Begins with You
In this lecture, we will talk about the importance of our inner states/mindset and how that affects the sensitivities of animals. It is FOUNDATIONAL in any healing work, especially with animals that we are balanced, grounded and at peace with our inner states while sharing and offering to heal with animals. If we take a look at the Reiki Precepts ( there are 5) and we learn to implement them in our lives, we become more grounded and balanced in our daily lives. The more balanced and grounded we are, the better healers we become and the better support system we are for our animals.

Q & A


8:00 am – Breakfast
9:00 AM WORKSHOP – #2 Michelle Hancock “Meditating with Our Animals”
In this lecture, we will talk about how much our animals love being present with us and how sharing meditation creates a healing space and a “healing Bridge” between you and your and your animals. If there is a giver and a receiver then the oneness is eliminated. Learning to offer and share healing together creates a “oneness”. Creating oneness changes from us “doing” healing to our animal to us sharing and BEING healing with our animals and THAT  is the key to a successful healing energetic experience for you both. If we learn to ground and balance ourselves through daily meditative practice and find time to be present with our animals, respecting their sensitivities, honoring them for the wonderful teachers they are, they will come forward. And when they do they will show you and guide you where they want your hands to go! It is amazing and the gratitude that is shared is beyond words. Animals love Reiki energy and healing, and our animals love us.

Q & A

10:30 AM WORKSHOP # 3 Michelle Hancock “Meditative Practice vs Hands on Healing-the Differences and Why”
 In this lecture we will talk about how when we share healing with animals, it is proved more successful by the approach of healing through a  meditative practice as opposed to a hands-on healing system, and why that is. Meditation and intuitive guidance speak more along the lines of animal communication and their language. There has been a lot of confusion in the past that human Reiki and animal reiki are the same and that is not so.

Q & A

Noon – Lunch
1:00 pm -3:00 PM WORKSHOP # 4 Rev. Brown “Animals as Spiritual Beings” = What can and do they teach us? How can YOU better understand the message?
3:30 pm –#5 Michelle Hancock “ Letting go of Ego and Expectations”
It’s pure and simple. We are only a facilitator for healing, we respect the animals decisions on whether or not they come forward by understanding they are very much like us and have their own healing path to follow. Some animals may jump right in, others just a paw here and a paw there to start. We have to be patient. It is very very important to never force Reiki or any healing modality upon an animal.  Letting the animal lead leads to successful healing! Even if we know or we think we know what the problem may or may not be is irrelevant. Setting our intentions, asking the animal’s permission, trusting Reiki and spiritual guidance that the healing offered and shared is for the animals greatest good is all we need. It all goes hand in hand; Meditation, self-grounding and self-healing, openness, oneness, letting go of ego, letting the animal lead. It all goes together.

Q & A

6:00 pm – Supper
7:30 pm – Workshop # 6 – Michelle Hancock “Earth and Sky Meditation! “
 Animal are  Some of  Our Greatest Teachers!
Answer questions, go over what we talked about, share experiences and stories, make sure everyone has their handouts and folders.

SUNDAY, September 30:

8:00 am – Breakfast
9:30 am – Adult Study – Library
10:30 am – Healing – Chapel
11:00 am No Children’s Sunday School-enabling them to bring their pets & to experience this wonderful service.
11:00 am Worship Service – Special “Blessings of the Animals”

Service = Rev. Judith Cauley, Rev. Reed Brown and & Michelle Hancock

Bring your animals

Noon – Lunch

Michelle Renee Hancock

Working with animals for greater good.

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