Rev. Nancy Lynn Booth

Dr. Nancy Lynn Booth is a natural products chemist whose metaphysical journey probably began sometime during her childhood, catalyzed by the discovery of her mother’s Edgar Cayce and Time-Life metaphysical book collection. The intervening period between then and 2013 was punctuated with academic and scientific achievements interspersed with short-lived intellectual forays into spirituality and the power of the mind. But Spirit persisted in making her feel there was “more to life than this,” and so she taught herself to read the Tarot and Lenorm and cards and began attending lectures and meditations at the Metaphysical Learning Center run by Revs. Mark Stein and Randy Doster starting in 2013. Things developed rapidly once she realized she was sensitive to Spirit and could learn to give messages, connect with healing energies, and meditate for both peace of mind and spiritual development.

She undertook a self-directed journey from scientist to healer and medium over the period of about five years from 2013-2018 and uses a scientific approach toward her spiritual development. She is excited for the next part of her spiritual journey after ordination and hopes to teach and perhaps start a metaphysical Study Group in the future. She is currently a member of the Washington Metaphysical Church and has been mentored by Revs. Pamela Marks and Robert Jackson, to whom she is very grateful for their support and encouragement. Dr. Booth is also greatly indebted to her Seminary teachers, who have taught her more than they’ll ever know, and to her team of Spirit Advisors and Guides, who not only helped her write sermons but also have put up with her constant demands for “more evidence” and “reproducible phenomena” and hopes that everyone’s infinite patience with her will be infinitely rewarded in some way.

Dr. Booth obtained her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, MA; her Master of Science in Chemistry at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY; her Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacognosy (Natural Products Chemistry) under the late Dr. Norman R. Farnsworth at the University of Illinois at Chicago in Chicago, IL, with funding to support her dissertation work coming from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). During her postdoctoral position at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the NIH in Frederick, MD, her work to develop a cancer screening assay resulted in the issuance of a patent to the U.S. Government. Afterward, she started a family and worked as a Science and Regulatory Consultant in private industry, with an independent spiritual consulting practice on the side. After leaving her industry position, she started a business developing, producing and selling naturally-inspired personal care products that she hopes will bring joy to others by providing options for those who have sensitivities. She currently resides in Bethesda, Maryland, with her husband and daughter, and owns entirely too many essential oils and botanical ingredients to count.