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Rev. Letha Brogdon

Rev Brogdon was born in Jackson, Michigan into a family of devote, sincere fundamentalists.

“Since my mother was the church pianist/organist I spent what free moments I had away from school dusting a pew. When I reached college age it was understood that I would attend the school that supported and promulgated our dogmas, tenets and beliefs.

Interestingly, it was during this period that I began questioning much of what was being presented as truth. During my senior year I fell in love and soon married the sheriff of the county.

At that time the sheriff resided in the county jail so for the next twelve years that became my residence, one abutting the home of prisoners. While there I procured a Master’s Degree from Ball State University, a valuable step for my chosen field, but secondary in importance to the life experiences gleaned while living in my current home. Our two little boys, ages ten and eight, suffered the loss of their father, my husband, from an unexpected heart attack, leaving us adrift and confused.

Considerable time was required for healing, especially for the boys who viewed their father as invincible, powerful and the rock upon which our family resided. During this period I became an agnostic, convinced that there was a God but one who was beyond reach, understanding and unknowable—out there somewhere doing whatever a God is supposed to do. My focus turned to my immediate family and the need to supply love and financial security. I reentered the school system, teaching for the next thirty years. With stress and burdens mounting, I discovered and entered a class on Transcendental Meditation.

Friends suggested and steered me to multiple books dealing with psychic and spiritual matters. The stage was set when a long time professor friend flew in from New Zealand (her adopted country) and offered to meet for lunch. It was she who carried the name and phone number of the Late Rev. Gladis Strohme and insisted that I make an appointment with her. Little did I know how drastically my life was about to change. Little did I know that guidance was being provided from a nebulous world that I wasn’t even sure existed. From that initial meeting I was convinced that I had met a deeply spiritual, humble and wise woman who would be willing to take my hand and guide me in a pathway that would lead forever upward and onward.

Being a well-known and seriously developed medium she still maintained a delightful sense of humor. A bond formed almost immediately which would last as long as she remained on this earth plane and, gratefully, even into the next. 2 From that time forward my search has been for growth, understanding and progress. A love for learning, delving deeply into our philosophy, and personal spiritual attainment are firmly embedded and will never end—even when I reach the next sphere. My prayer is that I may teach our beliefs as honestly and as sincerely as they were presented to me and that lives will be touched in a profound way. It’s a life changer!”

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