Elizabeth Moore-McDeavitt

Has been a member of Roanoke Metaphysical Chapel for close to ten years. She volunteers as a musician for services, serves as an RMC board member,  formerly  creator and  leader of the RMC Book Club and presently  the leader for the Adult Lyceum Sunday School.  Liz  is a third year Seminarian, serves on the  UMC board as their  treasurer and takes care of the UMC bookstore.  She is a retired educator and singer, having spent satisfying  time as a music  therapist since the 1980’s.  She  arrived at metaphysics  from a lifelong journey including Spiritualism, Christian Science and Unity. She is an  avid student of history, political science  and literature; comparative  religions, cultures and  the arts. She enjoys living at Smith Mountain Lake with her  husband Gary, her loveable  dog, Gibbs and 24 sweet laying hens.