Rev. Steve Barrell

Steve began his career as a professional concert and recording artist, and church musician, serving congregations in Europe and the US.  He earned the master’s degree in musicology from Duke University . Today he is a practicing certified hyponotherapist, past life regression and spirit releasement therapist, president of Haunted North Carolina, Inc., facilitator for  the Dreams Study Group at the Rhine Research Center, and a 32nd degree Freemason.  A frequent conference speaker on “Evidence of Immortality”, “ghosts & Hauntings”, “Sacred Geometry” and “Spirit Attachment”.  He was recently invited to serve on the Board of Directors for the Academy of Spiritual & Consciousness Studies (ASCSI).  His esoteric library of 5,700 books is now open to the public. Ordained in the United Metaphysical Churches in 2016, he has recently founded and is Pastor of “The Metaphysical Church of Science in Durham, N.C.