The United Metaphysical Churches is a national spiritual religious denomination promoting mutual aid and cooperation in all matters relating to the phenomena, science, philosophy, and religion of Divine Metaphysics.   UMC has created study programs in order to achieve and maintain high standards and continuous improvement of the ministry and understanding of Divine Metaphysics.

The United Metaphysical Churches [UMC] high-quality academic seminary program is designed carefully and long-established to give each of its certified graduates a thorough, well-rounded, pastoral knowledge of what is required for any UMC Healer, Medium or certified Ordained Minister to assume the serious living responsibilities in any local church or community institution.

The UniteEducation is geared to adequately meet the sophisticated, required qualities of such human organizations. It is the high calling of the UMC organization to thoroughly train and instill a high sense of accomplished pride within each of the ordained graduates, seeing that they have passed all the more rigorous challenges,

United Metaphysical Churches is a religious institution exempt from state regulation and oversight in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Mutual Aid and Cooperation

The United Metaphysical Churches offers an educational program leading to ordination as a Metaphysical minister and to certification of mediums and healers. Students may also elect to pursue academic studies in metaphysics culminating in a Certificate of Metaphysical Studies (CMS). UMC created this program to offer the student an in-depth exposure to the principles of Metaphysics, the operation of ministry and the fundamentals of a broad-based education.

Since 1964, UMC has been a national organization promoting mutual aid and cooperation in all matters relating to the phenomena, science, philosophy and religion of Metaphysics. This program has been created in order to achieve and maintain high standards and continue improvement of the ministry of Metaphysics. Ordination into the Metaphysical ministry carries with it a sacred trust to provide spiritual advice and consultation of the highest caliber.

Compliance Notice:

In compliance with the State Council of Higher Education of Virginia, the following elements apply to this document: UMC’s primary purpose is to provide religious training and Theological education; it is exempt from the requirement of state certification.

UMC Education Department (UMC/EdD)

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Rev. Sally Knuckles

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