Welcome Home, UMC Seminary Alumni!

We are very proud about our Alumni program and we want to make sure that
you know how important you are to us.


You are a vital part of our metaphysical history. The United Metaphysical Churches (UMC) campus was your home for all the years that you were a student here. It is still your home TODAY. The friendships you made, the lessons you learned, the wonderful memories that you created, all began here.

As part of the UMC “family tree,” our Alumni symbolically represent “roots” in many ways.  Roots anchor a tree to the earth, providing nourishment and helping it to grow and flourish.  As a verb, to “root” can also mean to become fixed or established deeply.

As Alumni, you have provided nourishment and helped our denomination to prosper and grow in many ways throughout the past many years.  You have also helped establish the deeply-rooted metaphysical traditions that make the UMC Seminary program what it is today.

We hope that you will continue to enrich UMC and our community by attending alumni events, keeping us informed about your accomplishments, achievements, milestones, and supporting our fundraising efforts. We promise to continue offering you benefits that support your personal and ministerial growth towards higher levels of greatness.

If you have any questions, please contact Rev. Kevin Lee, Chairman of the Alumni Committee



In Divine Friendship,

Rev Kevin Lee, Chairman,
Alumni Committee

August 2-5, 2018

Our Alumni Program’s Purpose is to

Foster a Spirit of Loyalty and UMC Pride
Promote General Welfare of UMC
Promote the Goals of UMC
Strengthen Ties and Promote Communication between Alumni, Current UMC Program Students, and their many local communities

Our Alumni Program Goals are to

Provide Benefits & Services to Alumni within UMC that supports their overall growth as individuals

Promote Communication & Relationships between UMC, our Alumni, and our many Chapter Communities

Support Public Awareness of UMC programming through its Alumni, Churches and Study Groups

Our Alumni Benefits & Services:

A large network of Fellow Metaphysicians
– Build relationships, professional referrals, events (local, regional, national)

Career (Ministry) Services
– UMC has an ever-growing network of churches/study groups available for ministry & career opportunities (job posting, networking)

– Continuing Education Retreats (Ministry, Leadership, Personal, Business)
– Certification Program (Certificate of Metaphysical Studies – CMS)
– Seminary Course Audits

Techsoup.org Affiliation

Non-profit resources to support churches, study groups, and your ministry

Our Alumni are

Ambassadors to their respective local Civic & Business communities, to Newcomers in our denomination and to current Seminarians

The Face, the Voice and the Light of UMC in their respective communities

– Providing a sense of community between current / former students and leaders
– A sounding board for the pulse of their communities
– Strategic Partners in UMC’s efforts

How you can help..

Volunteer your Time and Talents for our Efforts and Programming

Offer your Professional Skills and Resources

Provide support through Financial Giving and Estate Planning

Coordinate with us to host your own Alumni Fundraising or Public Awareness Campaigns

Alumni Contact Info Updates Here
*Help us stay connected to you!